When you win, we win.  

Our engagement begins by learning about your business, understanding your culture, and what skills are most important for the positions that you are looking to fill.  Once we understand your hiring needs, we will share relevant market intelligence that lets you know how you are positioned to compete for talent in the current market.   We will then create a recruiting strategy that enables us to help you attract the best talent for your organization.  We never underestimate the importance of finding the right cultural fit for your organization, ensuring that your organization and its values align with our candidates' value system, personal and professional goals, creating a “win” for everyone involved in our process.  



Our recruitment methodology is simple; we build relationships.  Our success depends on relationships and a global network of talent cultivated over the past two decades.  We know where to find great talent. Often, we get proactively contacted by candidates seeking career advice and market perspective before they hit the job market.  Because of this, we are able to work with our clients to create a real market advantage and in most cases, present passive candidates for searches.  

We work with clients in the following ways:

  • Contingency - Clients engage us as an external vendor and we are only paid if a candidate is hired that we have identified and presented.  We will post the job, do a database search, and outreach for clients in this scenario but beyond that do not work on the search until it is filled.  In most cases, clients have other recruiters engaged and are actively recruiting themselves to fill the position.  We act as an additional resource in this scenario and are paid for access to our specialized network.  
  • Retainer -Clients engage us as a trusted partner and as an outside extension of their internal teams.   We are given exclusivity to the search and therefore commit time and resources to the search until the position is filled.   In this scenario, we are accountable to our clients from beginning to end of the search.  We require 1/3 of the fee to commence the search, 1/3 of the fee upon project milestones set with our clients (e.g. number of candidates presented or interviewed or set amount of time), and the final 1/3 of the fee is paid upon search completion.    
  • Engagement Model - This is the middle ground between retainer and contingent search.  We require 1/3 of the fee upfront, and get paid the final 2/3 upon search completion.   There are no set project milestones (number of candidates presented/interviewed or set amount of time).    However, we will work on the search until it is completed. 
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - Clients transfer a portion or all of their recruiting process to us as an interim or long-term solution.  We function as an partner running alongside our client versus as an external vendor only.   In this scenario we are paid hourly or a monthly project fee.  

Types of Positions We Fill Include:

  • Executive Leadership – EVP+ levels, C-levels (CEO, CMO, CTO, CCO, CDO)
  • Business Development - Director+ levels
  • Creative & Design – Director+ levels
  • Delivery & Project Management - Director+ levels
  • Marketing - Director+ levels 
  • Media – Director+ levels
  • Data Sciences – Director+ levels
  • UX – Director+ levels