My New Year's Resolution...Laugh more!

While I have many new ideas for the blog which includes more articles on career and job search advice, the state of the digital industry in 2015, guest bloggers, and in general sharing more content,  I wanted to start by sharing my top New Year's resolution, which is to laugh more and play.  This selfie is of me and my son after we took a series of videos in slow-motion (thanks iPhone), which always makes us laugh.  My son is a constant reminder of the creativity and fun that comes from child's play.  I plan to indulge him much more in 2015.

Friday posts will be focused around making you all smile a little more.  I know there is worry and stress about jobs and careers this time of year with all the changes in the industry, layoffs and impending performance reviews (will I get that raise or bonus?), but I want to challenge you all to take a collective breath and feel free to laugh a little.  A good, positive attitude is good for your health, soul, and career no matter what your current situation may be today.  

Please find a video which will hopefully make you giggle as much as I did.  I find Jimmy Fallon's ability to get celebrities to play games and do funny things genius.  At the very least, it's really entertaining.  This Friday, for your viewing pleasure enjoy watching Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt have a "Breakdance Conversation".  I will be back next week with industry and career advice for you.  Happy Friday! 

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