Better Late Than Never

Recently, I retired the cable service in my home, discovered Apple TV and subscribed to Netflix, discovering a whole world of intelligent, well-written television, filled with wit and humor and absent ANYTHING Kardashian.  That alone has improved my life dramatically.  I still do a killer Kourtney Kardashian impression with a voice devoid of any affect or emotion no matter what is happening in her life (you'll have to get me live and in person for that!).

Recently, I started watching Arrested Development, 10 years late to the show...literally.  It is probably some of the funniest tv that I have ever seen and will avoid beating myself up more than I already have for waiting so long to watch it.  Going into the weekend, I will share a compilation video and hope that you will laugh as hard as I do watching it.  Have a great weekend.  

Expect career, job, and industry information starting again next week.  Apologies I have been absent for awhile.  I had to deal with a "life curveball"! 

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