This weekend I am in MInneapolis for two of my nephews' high school graduations (how they all get so old as I stay so young is beyond me), so I took a road trip with my 12-year-old niece, 10-year-old nephew and 5-year-old son.   We stayed in a hotel on the way to cut the drive time in half, and of course, headed straight to the pool.  Instead of doing my usual sit in the hot tub and watch the kiddos play, I decided to get in the middle of the fun.  We had handstand competitions, then walking handstand competitions, dabbled in a little "Marco Polo" (I learned my 5-year-old is a ruthless cheater), and then spent about 20 minutes going from sittng in the hot tub to jumping in the cold pool.  We laughed a lot.   It was joyous.  It was ridiculous without any rhyme or reason.  It felt wonderful and I was reminded of how we all forget to play as adults.  So, this weekend I encourage you to play like a child or just play more.  Put down the vacuum, close your laptop, and just play with your kids, nephews or nieces, or call a friend for a bike ride.   Just play, your soul needs it!  

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